Your Interior Selections: How Our Interior Designer Makes It Easy

What’s the best thing about building a custom home?
You get to choose the finishing touches for your new home.

What’s the worst thing about building a custom home?
You get to choose the finishing touches for your new home.

For many people, such freedom of choice can have its downside. This is because making choices about everything from kitchen appliances to cabinetry, benchtops, taps, sanitaryware, door handles, lighting, flooring, window treatments and colour palettes all at once can feel a bit overwhelming.

In the home building industry, we call these choices ‘selections’, and making these selections is part of what we call the pre-start stage.

Your Interior Selectionsa


Fortunately when you build with Rosmond Custom Homes you will be assigned your own interior designer at the pre-start stage to guide you through your interior selections, which has the effect of turning a potentially daunting experience into a delightful one.

Your interior designer is a professional trained in the art of creating beautiful, practical interiors that reflect the taste, lifestyle and budget of each individual client. She knows all the latest trends in finishes and where to find them at the best prices. And she knows how to conjure them into a scheme that works for your family over the long term.


Mention the term interior designer and many people will think of a rather bossy individual who flounces into a room trying to impose their wildly over-the-top, over-budget style ideas on you.

Nothing could be further from the truth with our interior design service at Rosmond Custom Homes. Our interior designer goes to great lengths to get inside your head and understand your style, functional needs and budget. She is an expert at drawing out what you want, then putting it all together with professional flair.

Based on your individual preferences, she will present you with an interior concept including recommendations for a colour palette, materials, fixtures and fittings. From here you can visit the recommended showrooms to further research and consider these interior selections – or add new ones of your own – before making your final decisions.

In addition to the interior fit-out, your interior designer may also assist you with the selection of external details such as roofing materials, bricks, wall finishes and garage door.

The whole process is very collaborative and one of the most exciting aspects of building your new custom home.


Here are three essential tips to help you get the most from working with Rosmond’s interior designer.
  • Show us what you love. Do you tear pictures of home ideas out of magazines? Have you pinned images of your favourite houses on Pinterest? Are there features you’ve always longed for – like a stone fireplace, for instance? A collection of images you love makes a great reference point for you and your interior designer, and will help her define your style.

Want more inspiration? Browse our concept portfolio. To assist you in gathering ideas and to inspire your design choices we have put together a selection of the latest housing trends and interior styles on the Rosmond Custom Homes website. Browse our concept portfolio.
  • Go neutral with the big things and have fun with the little things. Finishes that are part of the building itself such as tiles, sanitaryware, cabinetry and benchtops are expensive to change and will need to last for many years. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make classic choices in neutral colours for these long-lasting finishes, then add colour and personality with decorator accessories such as cushions, mirrors, lamps, rugs and artworks. These items are easy and relatively inexpensive to change when you want to refresh the look.


We’d love to help you make your dream home a reality, right down to the interior finishing touches. It all starts with a conversation – the first meeting is on us and there’s no obligation. So contact us now and we’ll make time for a chat.

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