Your New Custom Home: Finding Inspiration by the Book

Books face stiff competition from the internet these days when it comes to inspirational visuals and advice about homes and interior design.

Yet the tactile pleasure of leafing through a beautiful book of images and ideas remains a joy. It’s certainly a useful exercise if you’re gathering your thoughts before building a new custom home.


Design Your Home by Shaynna Blaze

published by Penguin Australia

Shaynna Blaze is an interior designer and screen queen of high-rating TV shows Selling Houses Australia and The Block. She combines stylish ideas with a down-to-earth, relatable approach.

Published in 2013, Design Your Home is not her most recent book but is probably the most relevant reference if you’re looking for ideas about how to plan a new custom home.

Shaynna is an interior designer so the book is focused on designing and furnishing your interior spaces so that they are not only beautiful but functional.

The book is a room-by-room guide to approaching every room of the home. Shaynna highlights potential problem areas, suggesting easy and innovative solutions, and describing attractive design alternatives for every room – from the public living areas to the private spaces of bathroom, bedroom and home office.

Shaynna even addresses the conundrum of how to place your television for practical viewing without spoiling the aesthetics of your living space.

Easy Luxury by Darren Palmer

published by Murdoch

Interior designer Darren Palmer is Shaynna Blaze’s co-judge on The Block. Like Shaynna, Darren has an easy-going manner and a relaxed, attainable sense of style that keeps it real for the average person.

Darren says he wanted to write a comprehensive book that demystifies the design process, explaining things in easy terms that everyone can understand while also sharing some advanced ideas and concepts. “I don’t use jargon or over-complicate things and there is no single correct answer given to design and decoration challenges in the book,” he says.

Darren uses his own interior design projects such as the one below to illustrate his tips, solutions and ideas.
“I wanted to deliver foundations and fundamentals to anyone who would like to understand why good design is good, so they can create beautiful and functional spaces for themselves, to suit their own lives and families,” he says.

Belle Beautiful Australian Homes

published by Bauer Books

This is undeniably the most aspirational of this clutch of interior design books. Put together by the team from the enduring premium Australian interior design magazine Belle, it features some of Australia’s finest homes from Toorak to Palm Beach and showcases the talents of architects and interior designers who cater to an elite clientele.

While it’s difficult to imagine the realities of daily life such as children and pets in some of these perfect, gallery-like interiors, the images provide a visual feast of inspiring ideas to swoon over, copy and adapt.  


Our interior designer can help you put it all together beautifully

Post-it notes in a design book or bookmarks on your computer are one thing. Putting together the looks you love in your new custom home is quite another. Inevitably you won’t be able to include all the ideas you love when you build your new home, and there are real-world issues such as affordability and practicality to consider. While selecting the materials, colours and finishing touches for your new home can be an exhilarating experience, it can also feel a little overwhelming. That’s why Rosmond Custom Homes provides you with an experienced interior designer to guide you with your selections. It’s all part of the service when you build with Rosmond Custom Homes.


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