How to Brief Your Custom Home Builder

Custom home builder meeting
Communicating your vision to your custom home builder is the first step.

Planning and building your new home with a custom home builder is an exciting process.

Do a little homework before your first meeting with your builder and it will become even more satisfying.

At Rosmond Custom Homes we are one of Perth’s leading custom home builders, so we are skilled at helping you clarify your brief to us.

But to make things easier for everyone, we also recommend you consider the following key topics before your first introductory meeting with your custom home builder.

From Narrow Lots to Large Blocks, It Starts with Your Site

Your block of land is always ground zero for a residential designer because the size, shape, orientation, gradient, neighbouring properties and building codes will all help shape your custom home design.

You should bring along all the documentation you may have relating to your block to your first introductory meeting.

Narrow lots and small lots are a major trend. At Rosmond Custom Homes our talented designers are experienced at designing homes that fit on a narrow lot or small lot, yet feel spacious, stylish and liveable.

Two Storey Home or Single Storey Home?

Your decision on whether to build a two storey home or single storey home may be dictated by the size of your block. Two storey homes on smaller blocks are a major trend because of smaller block sizes. However, you may prefer a single storey home to a two storey home because you have a larger block, mobility restrictions or you simply prefer living on one level.


What’s Your Style? A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Do you bookmark your favourite home design pictures on your computer or mobile device? Do you cut out pictures from home magazines? Bring them along!

Home designs and home finishes are highly visual and a few pictures will help paint a picture of your style preferences much better than any long verbal description.


Need Inspiration? Rosmond Has Some Thought Starters for You

Get inspired by checking out our concept portfolio of homes and interiors. Or see our gallery of custom home designs created to meet clients’ design briefs.

They make great thought starters.


Your New Home Checklist

Here’s a handy checklist to remind you what you should think about before your first meeting.
  • Details of your block of land
  • Type of home – single storey or double storey
  • Style of home – contemporary or traditional
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Home office space, etc.
  • Layout – open or divided spaces, formal or informal, privacy needs, flexibility for changing use of space in the future
  • Mobility restrictions, health considerations
  • Energy and water efficiency
  • Outdoor spaces and indoor-outdoor integration
  • Pre-wiring for automation, security systems, communication, entertainment, business
  • Special features – the things you have always dreamed of having
  • Your construction and finishing budget


Ready for an Introductory Meeting with One of Perth’s Best Custom Home Builders?

Why not arrange an introductory meeting with Rosmond Custom Homes? We’re one of Perth’s leading boutique builders of custom homes, narrow homes and two storey homes. We’ll listen to your ideas and share some of ours. It’s the first step to building a new home and lifestyle you’ll love.
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