Top 3 Kitchen Trends for Custom Homes

Calacatta Nuvo marble inspired benchtop and splashback by Caesarstone

The kitchen is always a hotspot for fashion-forward trends. At Rosmond Custom Homes we’re polishing up our crystal ball and making some predictions about the top three trends in kitchens for new custom homes in 2016.

Remember, when you build a custom home with Rosmond you’re free to choose all the fixtures and finishes for your kitchen that express your personal style and the way you live.


Marble Look Benchtops

Caesarstone’s Calacatta Nuvo in a modern kitchen with classical influences
Marble benchtops epitomise the sophistication of a classical European aesthetic. In Australia real marble is rarely used in kitchens because its porous nature makes it susceptible to kitchen stains and spills. Price can be a further barrier.

That’s why Caesarstone recently introduced a range of classical marble inspired designs. This subtly veined collection is proving an elegant alternative to the speckled and plain Caesarstone designs that have dominated over the last few years.

Two designs are proving popular – Calacatta Nuvo which interprets the wide, dramatic, cascading veining of Calacatta marble and Statuario Nuvo which interprets the refined yet impressive dark veins and white background of Statuario marble.

Unlike natural stone a Caesarstone quartz surface is virtually non-porous, will never require sealing and is highly scratch and stain resistant – perfect for high traffic wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.  



Concrete Look Benchtops

Benchtop from the Concrete collection by Caesarstone 
For those who prefer the industrial chic of utilitarian light fittings and raw, natural brick or timber, there’s another trend that’s running hot – the look of concrete for benchtops.

While purists may use actual formed concrete, it’s nowhere near as practical as the Concrete range recently released by Caesarstone. It caters to the growing trend for an industrial utilitarian aesthetic evoking the look and feel of a formed concrete surface. Yet it’s easy to clean with no need for sealing.

There are three different colours and textures in Caesarstone’s Concrete collection – Raw  Concrete, Fresh Concrete and Sleek Concrete.  



Long Island Benches

Long island benches are both practical and fashionable
Some island benches are so long they’re more like continents. Long island benchtops allow more room for all the activities that make a family hum – food preparation, under-bench storage, homework and gathering round to share a chat and a few tasty morsels.

There’s even room for all this action at once if your island bench is long enough.

The take away message if you’re planning to build a new custom home? Go long with your island bench if you have the room.

The fact is that when you build a custom home with Rosmond Custom Homes you can include design features such as an extra-long island benchtop if you so desire because, unlike with a standard project home, we begin with your design brief not ours.

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At Rosmond Custom Homes we’d love to help you make your dream home a reality, right down to your dream kitchen. As a luxury custom home builder we offer you the freedom to choose the look, feel and finishes you prefer.

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