Why Choose a Custom Home Builder?

Custom Home Builder
If you’re thinking about building a new home, you’ve probably heard the terms ‘project home builder’ and ‘custom home builder’. So what’s the difference? And what kind of home builder would be right for you?

What Is a Custom Home Builder?

In defining a custom home builder, it’s useful to start by defining a project home builder.
A project home builder:
  • Has a catalogue of standard home designs that they build again and again
  • May offer some scope for customisation, but it will usually be kept to a minimum
  • Will streamline the level of service they offer clients for the sake of efficiency
  • May be suitable if you have a standard block and standard expectations in terms of style, fittings and finishes
In some cases, this mass production approach may be perfectly adequate and appropriate. However, if your block is unusual or if you’re simply looking for a higher level of individuality in the design and finishes for your new home, a custom home builder may be better for you.

A custom home builder:
  • Designs and builds a home specifically for your family, block and budget
  • Offers flexibility of design to reflect your individual lifestyle needs
  • Offers an almost infinite choice of fittings and finishes to reflect your individual tastes
  • Offers a superior level of personal service
  • Employs the best tradespeople to ensure first class craftsmanship
  • Delivers a boutique, bespoke home  

Who Builds with a Custom Home Builder?

Typically, you may choose a custom home builder if you:
  • Own a non-standard block – for example, a small or narrow block, an irregularly shaped block, a block with a steep gradient or a prime block with views
  • Have definite ideas about what you want in terms of style and layout to fulfil your desired lifestyle and express your individuality
  • Aspire to better than average standards of quality and craftsmanship
  • Want a truly collaborative experience on your design and build journey
So if you have a block on the side of a hill with views of the ocean, or if you want a home gym, a wine cellar and a garage for your classic car collection, or if you spend your downtime reading up on the latest interior design trends, you’re a likely candidate for a custom built home.

Is Building a Custom Home Expensive?

Building a custom home doesn’t have to be expensive. At Rosmond Custom Homes, we’ve built everything from relatively modest homes to modern mansions, with budgets to match. We like to think our custom designed homes are without equal and yet, within reach.

Rosmond – One of Perth’s Leading Creators of Custom Homes

Rosmond Custom Homes offers a complete design and build service through our in-house team of residential building designers and building industry professionals. Established for 24 years, Rosmond Custom Homes has won many awards in this time for its design flair, personalised service and attention to detail.

What’s the Next Step?

It all starts with a conversation. Talk to us about your ideas, we’ll talk about some of ours and, together, we will create that truly individual home you have always wanted. Contact us now.

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