Spring Is in the Air! 4 Ways to Celebrate Perth’s Indoor-Outdoor Lifestyle in Your New Custom Home

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Bifold doors create the perfect indoor-outdoor space. See more inspiring indoor-outdoor ideas in Rosmond Custom Homes’ concept portfolio.
An indoor-outdoor lifestyle is probably high on your must-have list if you’re planning to build a new custom home – especially with the arrival of the glorious sunny days of springtime in Perth.

Designing for Perth’s enviable Mediterranean climate and outdoor lifestyle is second nature at Rosmond Custom Homes.
Consideration is given to everything from alfresco entertaining areas to orientation that maximises natural light, ventilation and climate control.

Here are four ways to celebrate spring in Perth through clever indoor-outdoor design in your new custom home.

1.Invest in indoor-outdoor living – it will add value to your home

Given our sunny climate, Western Australian home builders and home buyers alike consider indoor-outdoor living a necessity. Living areas that bring the outdoors in and practical alfresco kitchens and barbecue areas are part of the lifestyle for people in Perth and are emphasised by real estate agents as a key attribute people look for when buying a home. Therefore it’s worth investing time and money on this feature.

2.Build an alfresco

The alfresco in Rosmond’s ‘Shorehaven’ display home. See more inspiring indoor-outdoor ideas in Rosmond Custom Homes’ concept portfolio.
The term ‘alfresco’ for an outdoor room has become popular in Australia over the last few years. Today’s alfresco bears little resemblance to yesterday’s old-fashioned, tacked-on patio. These days an alfresco is a well-finished, sophisticated space integrated with the architecture of your home. It’s a true extension of your indoor living and dining areas providing a connection to the great outdoors. It has a roof and often, but not always, walls on three sides plus plenty of room for food preparation, cooking and furniture. A well-designed alfresco is a setting for relaxing and entertaining all year round.

3.Think big glass windows and doors

windows and doors open up
Floor to ceiling windows and doors open up your home to views of the great outdoors. See more inspiring indoor-outdoor ideas in Rosmond Custom Homes’ concept portfolio.
Bifold, stacking and sliding glass doors and large windows are essential for indoor-outdoor living – the bigger the better to create the illusion of one vast open space.  Open up your doors to double your functional area for entertaining, or simply luxuriate in the fresh air and sunshine on a beautiful spring day. Even in winter, being able to gaze beyond confined indoor spaces to the great outdoors can brighten your mood.

4.Entertain these on-trend ideas for indoor-outdoor entertaining

entertain family outdoor ideas
Who wouldn’t want to entertain family and friends here on a balmy spring evening in Perth? See more inspiring indoor-outdoor ideas in Rosmond Custom Homes’ concept portfolio.

The latest trends are creating backyard living areas that resemble boutique resorts. So what’s the latest?
  • Outdoor fireplaces and firepits
  • Pizza ovens
  • Fully equipped outdoor kitchens
  • Pools that integrate with your home’s architecture
  • Outdoor lighting – from romantic twinkling fairylights to a colourful contemporary light show 

Talk over your indoor-outdoor ideas with Rosmond Custom Homes now

Talk to us about your indoor-outdoor ideas, we’ll talk about some of ours and, together, we will create that truly individual custom home you have always wanted.
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