Upside Down House Designs Throw Your Lifestyle into Reverse

Perth is undergoing a boom in upside down house designs

Perth has seen a growing trend in recent years for upside down house designs, also known as reverse living house designs.

Put simply, an upside down home design upends the traditional two storey thinking of the kitchen and main living spaces on the ground floor with the bedrooms upstairs. Instead, an upside down home design elevates the kitchen and main living areas to pride of place on the upper level and disperses bedrooms between the ground and upper floors.

An upside down house is especially popular with Perth people who want to make the most of their views. There are many blocks in Perth with spine-tingling outlooks – whether coastal, cityscape, riverside or countryside. A reverse living house design is the perfect way to capture these views while you’re cooking, relaxing and entertaining, not just when you’re ready to go to sleep.

At Rosmond Custom Homes we have designed and built many upside down houses for our Perth clients, many of whom bought their blocks for the views.



An Upside Down House Design Overlooking the Ocean

An Upside Down House Design Overlooking the Ocean
This reverse living home design features a room-sized balcony overlooking coastal views
Connecting with the shimmering seascape out the window was the dream of these Rosmond clients in Sorrento with an exceptional coastal block overlooking views of Hillarys Boat Harbour.

The first floor kitchen is the heart of the home, with outlook featuring blue ocean views that elevate daily activities such as meal prepping into pure pleasure.

Two living areas flow onto a massive balcony – an expansive outdoor room just made for chilling out with a chilled glass of bubbly while surveying the coastal vista.

A generous master bedroom suite with walk-in robe also enjoys an upstairs vantage point.

Downstairs is a big home office, bedroom wing and laundry. Guests are greeted in an imposing entry with soaring 61 course high windows. The downstairs level also features a four-car garage with shopper’s entry.

In Rosmond’s experience, many owners choose to install or make provision for a lift in reverse living homes, and this is no exception. A lift provides peace of mind when it comes to moving heavy or bulky items upstairs or accommodating people of all ages and mobilities.



An Upside Down House Design to Capture City Views

An Upside Down House Design to Capture City Views
This North Perth home places the main living areas upstairs to make the most of city views
For another couple in the city fringe suburb of North Perth, being able to fully appreciate their Perth cityscape views was uppermost in their minds.

In consultation with the team at Rosmond Custom Homes they decided an upside down house design was the best solution.

Precisely placed windows capture city views from the upper floor meals and family area and a large side balcony.

A compact footprint provided a challenge for the design team. A side entry was a key feature of the design solution that maximises liveable space.

Style-wise, Rosmond also implemented the couple’s desire to incorporate rustic exposed brickwork and concrete floors for an urban warehouse aesthetic. 


The Upside of Building with Rosmond Custom Homes

The beauty of building with Rosmond Custom Homes is that we design and build custom homes to suit your individual lifestyle. That means whatever style of home you want – even an upside down one – chances are we can design and build it. Talk to us about your idea soon.

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