Two Storey Home on a Sloping Site: Cyrus and Chiara's Story

Cyrus and Chiara Naseri, Bedford

custom two storey home

A funky home on a challenging block

Cyrus and Chiara Naseri’s brief was deceptively simple: a funky two storey family home in an established suburb close to the city.
But for the custom builder willing to take it on, this two storey home was not such a simple story because the couple’s elevated block posed anything but simple challenges.
Steep hill? Check. A block that sloped from front to back and also from side to side? Check. Difficult access for trucks and trades? Check. It was a project to sort out the men from the boys.
Fortunately for Cyrus and Chiara, Rosmond Custom Homes’ managing directors Ross and Raymond Torre had the experience and project management skills to not only take on the project but guide it through a smooth building process to a prestigious HIA award.
Now happily settled in their liveable two storey home, here’s what the Naseris said about their building journey with Rosmond Custom Homes.

Q. Now that you are living in your new two storey home, does the end result meet the vision and expectations you had when you started the project?

A. Yes, the outcome has exceeded expectations. Our finished home is a consequence of the excellent workmanship and attention to detail in the fittings, colours and materials.

Q. You’ve built a luxury two storey home centred largely on family lifestyle. How have the children adapted to their new home and space?

A. The children were eager to move into their new rooms and enjoy the spaces designed specifically for them. They are fortunate to have their own bedrooms with adequate storage and built-in robes as well as an adjoining activity room for them to share including desks, entertainment facilities and lounge area. The benefit from our perspective has been that although the children have their area, there is still a sense of inclusiveness within view of the main living areas of the home.

Q. Your beautiful new two storey home was selected as a finalist in the MBA awards and won a prestigious HIA award. How do you feel about being recognised by the building industry as a first class example of luxury and quality?

A. We were so happy for Rosmond Homes to be recognised for their excellent workmanship and customer service. We definitely feel satisfied and fortunate to be selected and awarded along with the team at Rosmond.

Q. You purchased a block of land with an existing house. Many people are daunted by the demolish and build process. How did you find the process?

A. The demolition occurred at a time when we had already completed our design and planning, so it was well managed by Rosmond within the specified timeframe.

Q. If you were to do it all again, would you be happy to choose Rosmond Custom Homes as your luxury home builder?

A. Yes. We are confident that Rosmond’s history of honesty, professionalism and satisfaction for their valued clients will continue into the future.

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